Q: How soon can I have a cleaner start?

A:If you require a cleaner, call us on 01622 663665 or send the enquiry form and we’ll visit you by appointment to register you with the agency. Allow a few days to book the appointment with us, after which it takes 1 - 5 days for a cleaner to be allocated to you.

Q: What background checks are done on the cleaner?

A: Every cleaner comes with references from former employers, which we check. We also accumulate additional references from their existing clients once they have been with us for a while. We check proof of identity by requiring a passport, birth certificate or some other form of ID, so we know they are who they say they are. We also require proof of address, such as a gas bill or telephone bill, so that we know they do live at the address they give us.

Q: How do you operate and what do I do if my cleaner does not show up?

A: We select a cleaner for you from our database and introduce them to you. Your agency fee covers the recruitment, interviewing, selection and appointment of cleaners and gives you access to a replacement cleaner upon demand. If the relationship between you and the cleaner does not work out, you simply call us and we will send you another cleaner within days.

Q: What do I do if I am not satisfied with my cleaner's work?

A: Hopefully this will not happen but if it does just tell us and we'll organise a replacement.